CJ 141

R. B. Taylor
Criminal Justice
Temple University

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Getting Hold of the Instructor

Purpose, Goals, and Approach

Classroom Expectations

Readings (see below for questions)

Sequence of Topics, Readings, and Questions

What Your Grade is Based On

Grading Policies

Webliographies currently available
     The first webliography was created by Todd Anderson and myself. It lists a range of sources on guns, violence, and DUI. On the main page we tell you a bit about each site. The list is searchable by keywords. The second list includes student descriptions of web sites linked to guns or gun violence. Students in my CJ 160 Spring 1999 class created these entries. Each entry describes what is in the web site, evaluates it, and provides the full web address. Pages are listed alphabetically by student last name. I may refer you to specific sites listed here for the purposes of particular assignments.

Special note on coverage

Paper Assignments

Class activity results and memos, by date