Victims in Society
Fall 2000
updated: 8/30/00
(subject to possible revisions based on in-class announcements)
Your grade will be based in the following


 Average grade on the best three out of four in-class, closed-book tests or the best four out of five tests (number not yet decided). Current plans (see schedule) are for FIVE tests. The bulk of the test questions will be about the readings, but a good fraction - anywhere from 5% to 40% of the questions will be about in-class presented material. To help you in mastering the readings, there are lists of questions for you to use as you read; you can download or print these (go to list of topics). These tests will be a mix of true-false and multiple choice. Please see grading policies and makeup policies - there will be no makeups offered without adequate documentation. A missed test counts as a zero. Your lowest test grade will be dropped.


Average grade on ALL paper assignments. It is not clear at this time exactly how many paper assignments there will be. I anticipate at least two, perhaps as many as four. For each paper you will receive the assignment at least two weeks before it is due.


Participation. Some days when we complete in-class work I will ask you to turn something in with your name on it. If you are present and turn something in every time we do this you get all these points. Based on past semesters that may occur as few as four times or as many as eight.


 Completing post-course assessment. This will be given during the final exam period, at the date and time listed below. I anticipate it could take at least an hour and a half. This is not a graded assignment. You receive full credit for this portion of the grade just by showing up and completing the assessment. The purpose of the assessment is to learn more about what competencies you have acquired as a result of your participation in this course. I expect that I will be asking you to write answers to open-ended questions. I am sure your comments will be thoughtful! The assessment cannot be accommodated within the course evaluation format.

THURSDAY 12/14/00 8:30 - 10:30 AM

NOTE. In order for me to issue you a passing grade for this course you must at least:
* complete all paper assignments
* complete three of the in-class exams
* complete the post-course assessment

NOTE: See grading policies for guidelines on late and missed exams, late papers, and how not to lose points with your papers.