CJ 160

R. B. Taylor


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Class Bulletin Board
5/22 Upon checking it turned out that for a few students there were some errors in the 160 final grade sheet having to do with scores for Paper 1. Those have been adjusted. Change of grade cards are going in to reflect those changes. In addition, a couple of late paper 4s' have been received -- this was as of last Tuesday -- and graded

You can click below and you can see the original grade turned in for you, and the LATEST grade. If there is an X in the last column, a changed grade will be filed for you today. IN NO CASES ARE WE FILING CHANGES OF GRADE THAT RESULT IN A LOWER GRADE.
In addition, I am returning Paper 4 today; it will be in a mailbox in the CJ office. On your paper may appear one or more problem numbers. To see that problem list click below. I apologize for any inconveniences the grading problems may have caused.
CLICK HERE for final adjusted grade list
CLICK HERE for paper 4 problem list

We hope to be posting a report on the competencies assessment later this month or very early next month....

Time and Place: 10:10 - 11:30 Tuesday and Thursday TLC 103
Instructor: R. B. Taylor
Teaching Assistant: Patrick McConnell

Getting Hold of the Instructor


A Revised Approach for this course

Classroom Expectations

Readings (see below for questions)

Sequence of Topics and Readings

What Your Grade is Based On

Grading Policies


Special note on coverage

Handouts and results of class exercises (not active)

Group work on predictors for survey variables: drinking & driving

Group work on survey: Gun examples (MAR/APR '00) >>>>>>>>

Paper Assignments


Results from the General Social Survey, 1972 through 1996, for in-class exercise on pistol ownership


(not operating)

Link to the sites and handout on crime mapping on the web

Additional list of crime mapping sites



1. I will try to put all the major class materials - assignments, instructions, and so on - out on the main class website. This is found at:
Click on the link for CJ 160, on the upper right hand of the page
2. There are a NUMBER of resources on my web pages; you should take time to familiarize yourself with them. Mos pertinent to this class is the webliography that we are building.
3. I will be putting up readings on my site that you will need to download and read, or I will be directing you to other locations on the web for readings. You should have ADOBE ACROBAT READER installed on your computer to get at these readings.