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Class Bulletin Board updated 12/15/02

12/15/02 - MEMO added with text from class lecture on 12/11 about disenfranchisement
12/10/02 - Go to MEMOS to see guidelines on completing competencies early

12/7/02 - THIRD GUEST SPEAKER IS ON for MONDAY 12/9. Ms. Wendy Baigis is a Probation and Parole Officer Specialist with the Chester County Adult Probation and Parole Department. Material from her presentation WILL BE ON TEST 4. In addition, you can WRITE A REACTION PAPER, turn it in by Wed. 12/11, and get ONE MORE extra credit point.

12/7/02 - We have handed back Test 3. We have not yet decided on the curve for that test. As soon as we do we will post the curve.

12/2/02 - ALBANESE REVIEW LIST POSTED FOR TEST 4; readings revised for rest of semester; only required  is from Albanese

Time and Place: MWF 12:40 - 1:30 TUTTLEMAN 105 (NOTE ROOM CHANGE) 
Instructor: R. B. Taylor (
Teaching Assistant: Ms. Wendy Runkle ( Office: Gladfelter 562

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Classroom Expectations

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Sequence of Topics and Readings

What Your Grade is Based On

Grading Policies

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