Doing Justice

GenEd 0853




Students will be reading Chapter's from Black (1976), one chapter from Mosley (2001), and many newspaper articles, some research articles, and reports. The newspaper articles, research articles and reports are placed on Blackboard.

When students are doing a Blackboard reading, remind them to  pay close attention to the reading as it is described on the sequence page because it lists very specifically the pages or sections you are asked to read. So if you see a long reading, or even a short one, look carefully to see which pages you should be reading!

Student Reader Guide

Because in the past many undergraduates have found Black's model tough sledding. R. B. Taylor prepared a readers' guide for students. It is organized in the sequence of Black sections assigned.  CLICK HERE for guide.

b = books students are expected to purchase

You should find in the Temple bookstore, which of course I recommend, the following two books

Black, D. The Behavior of Law. New York: Academic Press, 1980. (Chapters 1, 2, 3, 4, 6) (paperback) (used and new from $35 at Amazon)

Mosley, W. FuturelAnd. New York: Warner Books, 2001. (Chapter titled "Angel's Island") (paperback) (used and new from $1.45 at Amazon)

Bb = on course Blackboard site

These are listed by week on the sequence of topics pages