General Education Goals for the Area


Courses in this category should strengthen students' knowledge about the history, society, political systems, and culture of the United States.  
They should examine the diversity of the people of the United States, and consider their varied experiences with respect to the ideals and social 
and cultural institutions of the United States. 
Learning Objectives:  
Students enrolled in these courses should be able to:  
         interpret historical, analytical and  cultural materials, and articulate their own point of view about those materials; 
         develop observations and conclusions about selected themes in U.S society and culture; 
         support their interpretations with evidence and critical analysis, 
         share those interpretations with others, and defend them;
         analyze the way that difference and heterogeneity have shaped the culture and society of the United States; 
         interpret quantitative information, if appropriate.

[Text extracted from the GenEd document "General Education at Temple University."]