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Books, Textbook, Edited Volume & Monographs
(each in reverse chronological order)


Taylor, R. B. (2015). Community Criminology: Fundamentals of Spatial and Temporal Scaling, Ecological Indicators, and Selectivity Bias. New York: NYU Press.

                        Reviewed in: 

                                     American Journal of Sociology 2016 v. 122 (no. 1) 290-292 

                                    Contemporary Sociology 2016 v. 45 (no. 6) 803-804


                         Online appendices

                                    APPENDIX A

                                    APPENDIX B


Taylor, R. B. (2001). Breaking away from broken windows: Baltimore Neighborhoods and the nationwide fight against crime, grime, fear and decline. Boulder: Westview.

                      Reviewed in:

                                    American Journal of  Sociology 2001 (September) v. 107 (no. 2) 501-502

                                    Contemporary Sociology 2002 (March) v. 31  (no.2)  220-221.

                     MEDIA MENTION


                    Technical Appendix 

Taylor, R. B. (1988) Human Territorial Functioning: An Empirical Evolutionary Perspective on Individual and Small Group Territorial Cognitions, Behaviors, and Consequences. New York: Cambridge University Press.


                    Reviewed in:

                                 British Journal of Criminology, 1990, V. 30 No. 2;

                                 Contemporary Psychology, July, 1990;

                                 Contemporary Sociology, May, 1990;

                                 Environment and Behavior, September, 1989;

                                Man, V. 24, p. 693, 1989.

Edited Book

Taylor, R. B. (Ed.) (1986) Urban Neighborhoods. New York: Praeger.


Taylor, R. B. (1993) Research methods in criminal justice. New York: McGraw Hill.



Monographs (published)

Taylor, R. B. and Harrell, A. (1996) Physical environment and crime. Washington: National Institute of Justice. (NCJ157311) (31 pages) PDF


Gottfredson, S.D., and Taylor, R.B. (1983) America's Correctional Crisis: Prison Crowding and Public Policy. Washington: U.S. GPO. (see Judicature article under publications)

Monographs (unpublished)

Goodman, A.C., and Taylor, R.B. (1983) The Baltimore Neighborhood Fact Book: 1970 and 1980. Baltimore: Center for Metropolitan Planning and Research, Johns Hopkins University

Taylor, R. B., Brower, S., & Drain, W. (1979). A map of Baltimore neighborhoods. Baltimore: Center for Metropolitan Planning and Research, Johns Hopkins University.


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